As an expertise of aromatherapy, we provide a wide range professional of accessories, including handcraft burner,
oil holder and essential book to equip you with better knowledge and make it fun.

Classic Aroma Frosted Glass Diffuser

The Glass Diffuser is made of Mahogany, bringing the nature into the home.

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Beauty Action

CANVAS Aroma Diffuser creates serene home atmosphere by dispersing relaxing aroma through 2.45mHz ultrasonic vapour. The diffuser humidifies the air with your favourite CANVAS aroma. The simplicity and elegant design of the diffuser deliver the aromatic luxury feels to your home. Together with the soft candle-like LED lighting, evoke a relaxing ambience.

Key Ingredients


  1. Place the Diffuser on a flat, level surface vertically, remove the Glass Cover and Lid from the water tank.
  2. Connect the Power Adapter to the Base.
  3. Fill in room temperature distilled water to the water tank for around 300ml. Hot or tap water is not recommended.
  4. Add in 15-20 drops CANVAS Essential Oils.
  5. Replace the Lid and Glass Cover, plug in the Power Adapter. The diffuser is now ready to use.