Rose Otto is considered as “The Queen of Flowers” and revered for its historical use throughout the centuries as an ingredient in skincare.
It is an ideal ingredient for moisturizing, firming and toning the skin, while improving the skins texture making it appear smoother, softer and younger.

Rose Otto 24-hour Intense Hydrating Lotion

A fast absorbing lotion to provide sustained hydration and charge up the skin all day long.

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Rose Otto 24-hour Intense Hydrating Lotion is designed with time released hydration technology. Wild Yam, Pomegranate and Amino Acids help to replenish the skin’s Natural Moisturising Factors, soothe and promote healthier skin. Together with Gotu Kola and Trehalose, this velvet lotion assists to rebuild, plump and protect the skin from challenging environments. Skin looks radiant and feels moisturised and soft.

Key Ingredients
  • Rose Otto Essential Oil - for moisturising, firming and toning the skin, while improving the skin texture.
  • PatcH2O™ - provides instant hydration, sustained protection and optimised moisturisation capital.
  • Wild Yam - used as hormonal balance, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Pomegranate - it can hold water double its original weight, nourish the skin surface and enhance the skin barrier.

  • 95% Natural Ingredients


  1. Apply to clean skin morning and night. Avoid the eye area.