A light and refreshing collection is formulated for dehydrated, oily or even acne skin. Deliver long lasting hydration and
balance oily and combination skin. The freshness of the blend brings a sense of lightness to the range.

Facial Cleanser

HKD$385.00 / 200ml
Soft and mild cleanser to remove impurities gently and effectively.
Exfoliator & Mask

Gentle Facial Scrub

HKD$395.00 / 100ml
A powerful, yet gentle treatment to exfoliate dead surface skin cells.

Instant Hydrating Mask

HKD$585.00 / 100ml
A moisture replenishing mask designed to hydrate and improve skin complexion.
Concentrate /Essence

Advanced Hydrating Serum

HKD$595.00 / 40ml
A fast absorbing, moisturising serum to maintain moisture levels and replenish skin.

Advanced Hydrating Day Lotion

HKD$445.00 / 40ml
A lightweight lotion to infuse skin with revitalising moisture.

Advanced Hydrating Night Treatment

HKD$595.00 / 40ml
A luxurious, restorative night cream to hydrate and regenerate skin at night.
Eye & Lip Care

Depuffing Eye Treatment

HKD$495.00 / 15ml
A light and cooling eye treatment designed to repair delicate skin around the eyes.

Nourishing Lip Balm - Rose Otto

HKD$195.00 / 15ml
This gentle, moisturising balm is ideal for dry and chapped lips.

Nourishing Lip Balm - Peppermint

HKD$195.00 / 15ml
This gentle, moisturising lip balm is ideal for dry and chapped lips.
Special Treatment

Velvet Perfect Finishing Powder

HKD$395.00 / 15g
A silky translucent facial powder to refine the complexion and help set make-up.