Rose Otto 24-hour Intense Hydrating Lotion

HKD$575.00 / 40ml
A fast absorbing lotion to provide sustained hydration and charge up the skin all day long...

Rose Otto Overnight Intense Moisture Mask

HKD$695.00 / 50ml
This cream mask is formulated with luxurious Rose Otto oil to provide an instant hydration...

Skin Renewal Refiner

HKD$645.00 / 100ml
A powerful, yet gentle treatment to exfoliate dead surface skin cells.

Firming Eye Concentrate

HKD$695.00 / 15ml
Designed for delicate skin around the eyes to restore the softness and beauty of skin.

Facial Cleanser

HKD$395.00 / 120ml
Soft and mild cleanser to remove impurities gently and effectively.