A concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants and widely used in aromatherapy.
CANVAS hold up to 44 pure essential oils and some of them are certified organic to benefit you physically and spiritually.

Air Purification

HKD$395.00 / 12ml
A clarifying blend best use as air purification.

Basil Sweet Oil

HKD$295.00 / 12ml
Basil is emotionally calming, relaxing and warming.

Bergamot Non-Phototoxic Oil Organic

HKD$395.00 / 12ml
Bergamot oil is emotionally encouraging, uplifting and balancing.

Black Pepper Oil

HKD$395.00 / 12ml
Black Pepper is energising and stimulating. It relieves muscle aches and pains.

Carrot Seed Oil

HKD$385.00 / 12ml
Relaxing and calming, relieve premenstrual tension, pain of rheumatism, edema.

Cedarwood Altas Oil Organic

HKD$220.00 / 12ml
Cedarwood Oil is emotionally calming and anti-inflammatory.

Chamomile German Oil Organic

HKD$695.00 / 5ml
Chamomile German is an excellent healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic extract.

Chamomile Roman Oil Organic

HKD$445.00 / 1.5ml
A supreme calming and relaxing oil, it is useful to calm tension, stress, insomnia.

Cinnamon Bark Oil

HKD$325.00 / 5ml
Cinnamon Bark Oil is uplifting and warming. It is best use as room disinfection.

Citronella Oil

HKD$225.00 / 12ml
It is an excellent air purifier when diffused. It is best knownas an insect deterrent.

Clary Sage French Oil

HKD$380.00 / 12ml
Clary Sage is calming and euphoric. It is useful to help relieve nervous tension.

Clove Bud Oil

HKD$265.00 / 12ml
Clove Bud is warming and analgesic for muscular and joint pain.

Cypress Wild Oil

HKD$265.00 / 12ml
Cypress is fresh smelling. It is good for respiratory complaints.

Eucalyptus Oil Organic

HKD$285.00 / 12ml
Eucalyptus is emotionally stimulating and it helps to clear the air and freshen the space.

Fennel Sweet Oil

HKD$255.00 / 12ml
Fennel is useful for the relief of indigestion and over-indulgence.

Frankincense Oil

HKD$335.00 / 12ml
It support the immune system, maintain well-being and beneficial during times of stress.

Geranium Egyptian Oil Organic

HKD$445.00 / 12ml
Famous for its rich sweet floral essence, Geranium is emotionally balancing and uniquely.

Ginger Oil

HKD$295.00 / 12ml
It is considered to be a masculine essence for support and balance.

Grapefruit Oil

HKD$265.00 / 12ml
Grapefruit is uplifting and beneficial in times of stress.

Immortelle Oil

HKD$1,385.00 / 5ml
Its ability to stimulate the production of new skin cells.

Jasmine Absolute Oil

HKD$895.00 / 1.5ml
Jasmine is well-known for its wide variety of uses. With an uplifting and unique floral ar...

Juniperberry Himalayan Oil Organic

HKD$375.00 / 12ml
Juniperberry helps relieve stress, nervous tension.

Lavender Oil Organic

HKD$385.00 / 12ml
It is highly aromatic with a fresh fruity-floral scent. Emotionally, it is very relaxing.

Lemon Cold Pressed Oil Organic

HKD$285.00 / 12ml
Cold pressed from the fresh fruit peel, it emotionally uplifting and promoting alertness.

Lemongrass Nepal Oil Organic

HKD$265.00 / 12ml
Lemongrass is fresh smelling, emotionally stimulating and invigorating.

Lime Cold Pressed Oil

HKD$220.00 / 12ml
Lime is refreshing and emotionally uplifting. It can be helpful in stimulate appetite.

Mandarin Cold Pressed Australian Oil

HKD$220.00 / 12ml
Mandarin is gentle and calming, It is excellent for reducing tension and mild anxiety.

Marjoram Oil

HKD$320.00 / 12ml
It is excellent to reduce stress, mild anxiety and related conditions.

Nasal Allergy Relief

HKD$395.00 / 12ml
A soothing blend aids in the relief of the symptoms of nasal allergy.

Neroli Bigarade Oil

HKD$695.00 / 1.5ml
It is beneficial during times of stress and can relieve nervous tension and insomnia.

Niaouli Oil

HKD$255.00 / 12ml
It possesses significant anti-microbial, antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

Orange Sweet Oil Organic

HKD$220.00 / 12ml
Sweet Orange is emotionally uplifting and cheery with its sweet citrus scent.

Palmarosa Oil Organic

HKD$295.00 / 12ml
It is calming and clarifying. it is also useful in skin care for its hydrating benefits.

Patchouli Oil

HKD$295.00 / 12ml
It is a regenerating and anti-inflammatory essence to heal minor wounds.

Peppermint Arvensis Oil Organic

HKD$295.00 / 12ml
It helps to sharpen the senses to help focus and clear the mind.

Petitgrain Bigarade Italy Oil

HKD$325.00 / 12ml
Petitgrain is refreshing and sweet. It calms the mind and beneficial in the times of stres...

Pine Oil

HKD$295.00 / 12ml
It can stimulate circulation to relieve muscle aches and pains.

Ravensare Oil

HKD$395.00 / 12ml
Ravensare has a reputation for being a universal healing oil with its soft sweet scent.

Rose Geranium Oil

HKD$455.00 / 12ml
It helps enhance blood circulation, rebalance sebum production and detox.

Rose Otto Bulgarian Oil

HKD$1,550.00 / 1.5ml
With very good balancing and calming effect to improve sleeping quality, headache.

Rosemary Oil Organic

HKD$295.00 / 12ml
Rosemary is emotionally uplifting and stimulating and helps with promoting clarity.

Sandalwood Australian Distilled Oil

HKD$725.00 / 5ml
It is emotionally relaxing and uplifting. Also assist in the treatment of acne.

Tea Tree Oil Organic

HKD$295.00 / 12ml
Indigenous to Australia, Tea Tree has powerful cleansing and purifying properties.

Thyme Oil Red

HKD$255.00 / 12ml
It helps to soothe rheumatism and muscles stiffness, induce menstruation.

Vetiver Oil

HKD$525.00 / 5ml
It is effective in calm emotion, promote circulation and rebalance oiliness.

Ylang Ylang Oil Organic

HKD$395.00 / 12ml
It is emotionally calming, relaxing and stabilising.