Jasmine Jojoba Oil Serum

Formulated with Jojoba Seed Oil and Jasmine Absolute, to relieve skin dryness and enhance brighten and uplifting.

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Beauty Action

Delightfully fresh, sweet and uplifting facial oil to moisturise, brighten and regenerate the skin.

Key Ingredients
  • Jojoba Seed Oil - Organic Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant, which is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamin E. This luxurious carrier oil helps skin retain moisture and suppleness and can be quickly absorbed into skin without traces of oiliness. Suitable for all skin types including oily or acne-prone skin.
  • Jasmine Absolute - Studies showed smelling Jasmine can increase alertness, boost self-confidence and reduce stress. By application on the skin, Jasmine is ideal for chasing away environmental aggressors and stimulate skin regeneration, leaving skin looking refreshed and vibrant.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients


  1. After cleansing and toning, warm a few drops of oil in your palms and gently pat onto damp face and neck.
  2. Or use as a serum when your skin is in need of extra nourishment.