Full of nutrients and vitamins that are definitely good for your health. Carrier oil is used to dilute
concentrated essential oil which is ideal for face and body massage therapy.

Aromatic Eczema Relieving Oil Set

Jojoba Oil Virgin Organic (100ml) x1
Patchouli Oil (12ml) x1
Ravensare Oil (12ml) x1
Chamomile Roman Oil Organic (1.5ml) x1

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Jojoba Oil Virgin Organic (100ml)
Extracted from the seeds of Jojoba plant, it is rich in proteins and collagen can help firming skin. It can also help reducing redness and inflammation and is suitable for all skin types including oily or acne-prone skin.

Patchouli Oil (12ml)
A grounding, soothing, and peace-inducing oil. It is anti-depressive, antimicrobic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, deodorant and carminative. It is also effective in helping with dandruff, sores, acne, skin irritations and eczema. Emotionally, it is advantageous for combating nervous disorders, helping people staying calm and balanced.

Ravensare Oil (12ml)
A universal healing oil with soft sweet scent. With the features of anti-depressive, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and mucolytic, it assists with respiratory problems, such as whooping cough, bronchitis, flu and sinusitis. It is also useful in relieving pain of joints and muscles. Mentally, it helps dispel fatigue, anguish, and fear.

Chamomile Roman Oil Organic (1.5ml)
A supreme calming and relaxing oil. It helps expelling parasites, antispasmodic, sedative, carminative and anti-inflammatory. It can help heal eczema, burn and irritation and combat headache, migraine, nervous, insomnia and depression. It can also serve as an emmenagogue, helps soothe menstrual problems, such as menstrual pain and menopause.

Key Ingredients


  1. Place a small amount of oil into the palms. Warm the oil by rubbing the hands together and massage onto the body or face gently. Can be used alone or combined to create a synergistic blend with other vegetable oils and essential oils.